Video : Musvorologist feeling the fresh air

Too hot for musvorologist VIDEO

Video:Chiedza Tawuchira Mavangira over the top

If only people can use social media responsibly.The crowd of strangers on facebook you are pleasing will never be your relatives. They just see your stupidity and move on. VIDEO  

Video : Drunk Zanu Republic Police (ZRP) drunk

  I wish I was the president . First 6 months I will be firing and hiring government officials and civil servants guided by one code of conduct. 1. If you don't behave professionally you are fired on the spot with no pay .

Video : The musvo cake

The musvo cake VIDEO

Video : Bragging with musvo

They only think about musvo VIDEO

Video : The dirty dancing stopped

The church sewage wedding dance. May God bless the wise man on the mic. Basa kungofunga zvesewage zvega zvega kutadza kana kuziya kuti muchechi wotozwa umwe munhu achifunga kuti these so called youngsters can lead Zimbabwe hazvina hunhu plus udofo. VIDEO  

Video :Slip of the tongue

Slip of the tongue   VIDEO

Video : The fight

Kekekekekekeke because of a man   VIDEO

Video : Womanising musvo

Whatever the shower is about VIDEO

Video : Watching musvo

What a shame VIDEO

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