Video : Phillipines no nonsense president Rodrigo Duterte

President of Philippines attending a ceremony at the customs yard in Manila on Feb 6, 2018, to crush luxury vehicles after they were seized for being smuggled into the country without paying import duty. "Doesn't mince his words either.Doesn't care about what the hypocrites of the West say . Love him or hate him you vote for what will really...

Video : Paedophile in Britain

"Bad effects of social media whereby children are groomed by adults to be all sorts.This is very common in Western societies only because of easier access to phones and internet. Unfortunately if you are the great parent who is strict with children and ensures you know all they are doing even on their cell phones etc...the sewage laws will define...

Video : As Brazilian woman survives horrific accident

Video : A Brazilian couple drove a BMW 335 at 150km/h, and hit a bridge. In that fatal accident, the driver died but his girlfriend sat in the car in shock. The car split into two pieces without roof and doors. But the woman amazingly got no injury at all, seems nothing happened to her. Without moving, she open her bag and talked...

Video : Musvo at music concert

"This is the immorality that some stupid Zimbabweans are copying.You will never be white." Said sisi Vee. VIDEO          

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