Video : woman cuts dead woman to remove twins as doctors denied he medical help

Cameroon :A pregnant woman went to the hospital, but doctors refused to attend to her because she could not pay for treatment, and sadly she died. Her corpse was kept in outside  front of the hospital .People noticed that her stomach was shaking because the twins she was carrying in her womb were about to die. Still, the doctors refused to...

Nigerian woman bites off penis of rapist boyfriend

A man reportedly took his girlfriend to his friend’s house in Lagos, Nigeria few days ago.A few hours later, the lady ran out screaming for help, saying she had been raped. Few minutes later, the man, with blood all over his body, also ran out crying for help. The girl, it was learnt, had blood on her clothes and she...

Ghanaian live in carer allegedly caught having sex with her sick client

Ghanaian girl caught allegedly having sex with her client while doing a live-in. The family became suspicious when their dad started giving her huge cheques to cash (£2k, £3k, £1k) so they put a secret surveillance camera and they saw the two in the act.  

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