Zodzwa Wabantu no pant wins drama queen award

The 9th annual Feather Awards which took place at the Theater on the Track at Kyalami, Johannesburg on Thursday saw many walk away with accolades for being recognized by the organizers of the event for their efforts in the LGBTI communities in South Africa. Khanya Mkangisa and Lumka Johnson were the hosts at the LGBTI 9th annual Feather Awards that took place at Kyalami,...

Zodwa Wabantu at the swimming pool

Musvorologist Zodwa

Video : The thorough beating

Video : ? Kana imbwa yatozvishairwawo pazvo VIDEO

Men shot in failed robbery

"Men shot tyring to rob at Shell garage in Cosmo City Randburg" Said a source

Video : SA police accused of suffocating Nigerian man

  "Shame . If Nigerians stop doing drugs such incidents will not happen.They don't seem to understand how they are destroying families and societies by doing drugs. Unfortunately some of those they are selling drugs to are dying behind closed doors too. I guess the families of those he sold drugs to are happy. " Said sisi Vee. ----- Oct 12, 2017...

Video : Musvorologist Zodwa

As fame mongers go to the extreme VIDEO

Musvorologist : Rwanda Presidential Hopeful, 35 year old Diane Rwigara’s  musvos nudes Leak

  "The nude activist Diane will actually deliver sexual immorality and all other societal ills associated with it to the people of Rwanda .Well done musvorologist Diane the Rwanda nude naked president Kekekekekekeke seka hako wasu .Munotigura mbabvu ngekuseka isusu maanti nude advocates .What a sewage and idiot for a woman president.If anyone has my nudes like Diane's can you...

Video :Come here my darling

Come here my darling   VIDEO

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