Video : SA police after naked family of witches

They were caught red handed VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2

Constable Joyce Sibanda shoots self

Said to be Joyce Mutasa who shot self

Video: Grace Mugabe speech as Zanupf provides funeral jet for her from Singapore

Abuse of our public funds ..typical. Grace part of the 1 hour speech at mother's funeral...and tiri kungohukura vachingoba and living pretty. 2023 iri kusvika madununu tichindovavata.Takapata zvekuti. Wotoonawo rimwe benzi raishaina nevote yasatan apa zvadzokerana zvikwambo zviya.Struggle haidi fake people who are just power hungry. Other2: Vanhu vamwe ava Sisi Vee: Dear hanzvadzi. Thank you so much. Mufunge...

Musvorologist holidaying


Video : The reckless driver Prosper Mhuka

  Said to be " honda fit from beitbridge. It happened around Bubi area About 47km from beitbridge New car ichangotengwa from mussina" He is said to be admitted at Beitbridge hospital with 'minor' injuries. " Anga aine hure mumota .Hure ndoramubudisa mumota" Said a source. VIDEO  

Video : Mike Hodge survives lion attack

  Wildlife park owner is dragged away and attacked by a lion in front of screaming onlookers after he entered its enclosure in South Africa. A wildlife park owner was savagely mauled by a lion in front of screaming onlookers after he entered the animal's enclosure. Mike Hodge, a 67-year-old British expat, was rushed to hospital with injuries to the neck and...

Video : As Minister of education Paul Mavhima responds to sisi Vee over child abuse in schools

As Minister of primary and secondary education Paul Mavima responds to sisi Vee over child abuse in Zimbabwe schools . Sisi Vee: A very good evening to you Mr Mavhima .It's been long .We last spoke on my guest book on my website . It's Viomak .I am still into activism. I hope the family is fine too .I...

Girl mauled by bull dogs

Gr6 V4: Hi sis am currently staying in Beitbridge the issue of that child is but a grand tragedy yatova nemadays akavigwa last week if i am not mistaken. The couple with the diabolic dogs is said to be Zaoga church members. I fumed when my wife came home saying the couple (that owns the cannibalistic creatures) was...

Video : In Britain Nottingham Trent University student Rufaro Chisango subjected to racial abuse

  Shocking footage has emerged showing students from Nottingham Trent University apparently chanting ‘we hate the blacks’ outside a fellow undergrad’s door in her halls. Rufaro Chisango posted the disturbing clip onto Twitter, claiming it had been filmed on Monday night at the university. Guilty of misconduct In the clip, at least two men can be heard signing a number of football-style chants –...

Video : Phillipines no nonsense president Rodrigo Duterte

President of Philippines attending a ceremony at the customs yard in Manila on Feb 6, 2018, to crush luxury vehicles after they were seized for being smuggled into the country without paying import duty. "Doesn't mince his words either.Doesn't care about what the hypocrites of the West say . Love him or hate him you vote for what will really...

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