Video: Musvo instead of books

Mabhuku tsvee and the upcoming musicians VIDEO

Video : Performing musvorologist

Come dance with me   VIDEO  

Video : Mandla Calvin Gumbo perverting

The women abuser who recently went nude live VIDEO

Video : Now evangelist Paddington Japajapa bragging about his penis

  There was drama during the Dancers Association of Zimbabwe (DAZ) awards ceremony last week at City Sports Bar when female dancers ganged up against their chairperson Paddington Japajapa, accusing him of being a sex pest. More than five dancers including Beverly Sibanda confronted Japajapa in the midst of the awards ceremony, shouting at him expressing their displeasure with his habit.They...

Video : The dance in pub

Our world VIDEO

Andy Muridzo under attack as Banket school students dirty dance

Said to be singer Andy Muridzo in yellow getting it for coming late to a show.He was supposed to perfom at 1pm but arrived at 4pm. Meanwhile a teacher is coaching students dirty dancing at the sewage school.Soon he will be sexing the students if he has not yet started. "Good job maybe the losers will learn about the importance of...

Videos : Zanupf Jah Prayzah under attack at his monya Chris’ funeral

  Well some saying he's under attack for loving zanupf thug Ngwena Mnangagwa , some saying for failing to provide help at the funeral. " Well I sisi Vee is saying rakanakirwa zimuzanu rinodya mari yembavha too yenyoka yezimuzanu Wicknell. Ndafara zvekuti last week ndaichema naro zimuzanu iri and even stopped some dear brothers from sending me his music . Overrated...

Video : Musvorologist Zodwa again

Meanwhile the musvorologist is not wanted at the Zimbabwe carnival. --------------- Zodwa Wabantu is looking forward to her trip to Zimbabwe. Despite the controversy surrounding her upcoming performance at the Harare International Carnival, Zodwa Wabantu is going full steam ahead with her trip to the country. This after it emerged on Wednesday that Zim actress, Anne Nhira had apparently succeeded in Zodwa being...

Video : Hooliganism as woman abuser Nash Mugara soils pants

A UK based Zimbabwean Nash Mugara who visited Zimbabwe seen abusing a woman .He goes on to soil himself after a drinking spree. VIDEO 1 He goes on to terrorise a young man VIDEO 2    

Leornard Dembo’s sons and relatives taking care of the legendary’s mother

Leornard Dembo's sons and relatives taking care of the legendary's mother amid recent donations discussion/collection for her Talking to sisi Vee today Leonard Dembo's son , Tendai even sent images to prove that they are taking good care of their grandmother. Meanwhile a Sunday Mail reporter is said to be fronting efforts to seek donations from the public to help grandma...

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